We hope you all are staying safe and are in the best of health! As you are all aware that Ramadan is UM MSA’s biggest event of the year. The MSA has provided Iftaar meals to over 200 students daily for many Ramadans. This Ramadan will be different, and while nothing can make up for the communal affair of celebration, sacrifice and community, we are determined to collaborate with as many people as we can, to make Ramadan as easy as can be for students away from home. We at the MSA have come up with three Ramadan (Iftaar/Food related) programs and are collaborating with many other community initiatives on this. However, these programs will not be possible without your help.

Three Programs: 

  1.  MSA / MIA / CMWI Food Package Program (

    1. Sign up at 

    2. Distribute the following packages for free to students who need them: flour, sugar, oil, lentils, pasta, rice and more. 

    3. We are looking for sponsors at $50 / package.

    4. Packages will be distributed on the 10th day of Ramadan as quantities last, first come first serve (as per sign-ups).

    5. Donate at email with your phone number and we will contact you.

  2. MSA / ESANA Iftaar Program 

    1. People will prepare food and then volunteer drivers will deliver, with no contact, Iftaar (Breaking of Fast Meal) to the students who don't have cars. 

    2. For up to 50 students for 15 days of Ramadan.

    3. MSA has sponsored 6 dates to ESANA.

    4. ESANA has 10 more days already figured out.

    5. This program has now maxed out. 

  3. MSA / CPTACA / MIA / PSA Drive-Thru Iftaar Program (

    1. Licensed food handling and preparation.

    2. This is a pick-up of a free Iftaar meal at 2445 Waverley Street (Grand Mosque). 

    3. First come first serve for up to 200 people.

    4. The program is student-centred and the City of Winnipeg was consulted on how to run it safely. 

    5. Pick up your meal between 7 and 8 PM. 

    6. This program has NO DELIVERY option

    7. We are looking for sponsors at $10 per head or $1000/night (for 200 people). 

    8. Donate at email with your phone number and we will contact you.


For regular updates of these programs please visit us on Facebook:


Other Resources: 

  1. Ramadan Calendar: upload the .jpeg I send you and hyperlink it to

  2. Suhoor and Iftaar Duas

  3. What each of the ten days means

  4. Links for moon sighting people and global calendar people 



  5. University of Manitoba Muslim Students' Association (UMMSA) is working with Penny Appeal Canada to help provide nutritious meals to those in need this Ramadan. Our Campaign is now live at!/ 

  6. MyTenNights MyTenNights automates your donations over the last ten nights of Ramadan, so you never miss giving on Laylatul Qadr again.

  7. How to complete the Quran in Ramadan

What else is coming up?

    • We will also be doing free weekly Quran classes weekly using Zoom, separate for brothers and sisters.

    • Providing daily 30 minute online reminders using FB live with scholars from across the world.

    • Hosting a few Bandaid-like mental health sessions.

    • Hosting an interfaith prayer.

    • Online Halaqas.

    • Along with this, we hope to post some fun, easy and healthy Iftaar (breaking of fast meal) and Suhoor (sunrise meal) recipes on our pages and reminders.

Click to download Ramadan 2020 Calendar

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